August 26, 2010

Hi, everyone. When writing a first blog post, one must address what is an entirely imaginary audience. Tasked with this, I am forced to decide whether or not said imaginary audience is comprised of imaginary friends or imaginary strangers, and to give an appropriate amount of “backstory.”

Those of you (imaginary people) who actually know me and have spoken to me recently will be aware that I have been planning for some time to open an etsy shop, to sell my prints and provide motivation to continue working on more personal illustration projects. Well, rejoice all ye imaginary masses, for said event will soon come to pass! An exciting grand opening of the Drawn by Kat shop is planned for September 30.

Meanwhile, (and after, too) I will be using this blog to document the process of my work, show off new stuff, talk about the shop, and honestly, probably anything else that strikes me as relating in any way to this endeavor. As a little introductory teaser take a look at Mr. Slow Loris, who is show here imploring you to keep reading, and eventually come visit the shop and buy many, many prints of him and his friends:

How can you say no to that face?


One comment

  1. I want to grab his little loris outstretched paw!

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