Missy Jean Chimp is Wearing Marc Jacobs

August 28, 2010

I’d like to introduce everyone to Missy Jean Chimp. She is independently wealthy and has discerning yet somewhat whimsical and eclectic tastes. As you can probably imagine, she is extremely fun to draw because:

– chimps are cute. duh.

– she get’s to have pretty things that are way outside of my budget.

– the more I draw her, the better I get to know her.

This is the first Missy Jean image I ever drew, and she kind of materialized in my mind before that without very much thought or reasoning. As I get to know her better I discover more about her, and she kind of lets me know what she wants to do and where she wants to go. I think we’re becoming friends, even though her personality is certainly not all sweetness and light – she’s a bit spoiled and stubborn, and somewhat ignorant of the life conditions of those less fortunate than herself. Despite the fact that she has traveled the world all her life, she is extremely sheltered. However, deep down she is a compassionate young chimp, with a good heart.


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