Treasure Hunting

June 18, 2011

Inspired by the inimitable and generally incredibly awesome Ann Wood and her blog (which I’ve read all the way through, twice,) Tameika and I spent last Saturday treasure hunting (or urban foraging, or mud larking) at Dead Horse Bay. (By the way, does anyone actually know A. W.? It appears that she lives in the neighborhood. Or rather, she lives in real slope, which is not really my neighborhood, but still kind of the general neighborhood. I would pay you in food, drinks, and/or my first-born for an introduction.) Anyways, long story slightly less long, we braved a train and a bus and a long walk in the middle of nowhere, in the name of what turned out to be a great time in a magically historical place and a lot of old glass. (I really mean a lot – I could open a flea market stall all by myself!)

Tameika demonstrating our excitement at finding the path

view of the bay from the path

the bay and a view of the birdge to the rockaways

so many bottles

many, many bottles

some of our selections being rinsed and sorted

soaking in bleach

a few things drying

bottles lined up all in (a couple of messy) rows

my new shard drawer!

On a side note, I seem to have a sort of interesting (lack of) relationship to the historical aspect of all this stuff. I’m very much fascinated by the archeologist-style unearthing of physical evidence of lives past, but as someone who is not originally from here, I’m a little saddened by my lack of a more direct connection of said past. It’s impossible that I could find a milk bottle that could have once stood outside my grandparents’ door, or a jar from which my grandmother, sitting before her vanity, could once have scooped a little bit of cold cream. That kind of thing is a little bitter-sweet for me … still though, it was really fun to explore, and hopefully you guys will enjoy how some of these pieces end up (it’s a surprise, duh!)


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